Cul-de-sac 12″ x 12″ SLAB Lite


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Pedal To The Metal!

Put on your construction hat, or maybe your race helmet, because our NEW road designs are here! Build a new city…a racetrack….or a city track!  Whatever you decide our new road designs will help you get there!  Currently available on black or gray SLAB Lites only.  Coming soon to our larger SLAB sizes!

SLAB Lite – Thicker plastic, in-molded ridges for unparalleled stiffness (12″ x 12″ NO MDF)

SLAB – Thicker plastic backed with 3/16” MDF for the ultimate strength and rigidity (24″ x 24″  &  24″ x 48″)

Create Your Own Custom Slab or Slab Lite!

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own custom SLAB scene. Amazing realistic graphics pop straight from your imagination onto the SLAB. Design a custom classroom experience, an innovative display, or the most epic play scene ever. Contact us with your wildest dreams.


Blue Slab Lite baseplate on top of a Slab baseplate

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