Our education-themed baseplates provide the foundation for a different kind of lesson plan. From our large-scale map baseplates and interactive STEM lessons to fully custom graphics, baseplates help teachers and students engage in practical, active learning in classrooms all over the world.

Paired with the custom framing system, the baseplates become the ultimate classroom tool. The baseplate frame mounts securely to the wall (or anywhere else you can think of), and baseplates slide in and out easily, then lock securely in place when the bell rings.

Brown, Grey, and Blue Slab Lite baseplates


The baseplates are precision-engineered and compatible with leading brands of bricks in various sizes. Our tight nodes grip bricks and figurines better, allowing you to start something big. Once the baseplate is in place, the possibilities are endless, and your bricks play better. Our baseplates and baseplate Lites are thicker than any other baseplates, featuring molded ridges and tight nodes, and are backed with MDF board. No matter what, they stay rigid and strong. That means even the most elaborate and delicate construction projects stay securely together.

A Classroom to Dream About

These fantastic baseplate walls serve as an excellent foundation for STEM/STEAM-based curricula. Create a sturdy base on floors, tables, or walls using these convenient baseplates. Tight nodes hold building bricks securely in place, making it possible to hang the panels on the wall to explore unique engineering techniques at any height or angle. These walls help students develop creative building skills, enhance problem-solving techniques, and encourage teamwork. Use them in the Makerspace, Art, Math, or Science rooms. The possibilities are endless.

Lessons plans

Whether for homeschool or in-school, our educator created lesson plans are available to help jump start your students’ imaginations. From Kindergarten through 6th grade, from Math to Science, let us help you engage your students in hands-on creativity and learning.


School mascots, logos or emblems

The baseplate is the perfect foundation for art, design, building, and displays in classrooms, libraries, and museums. The baseplate can be custom-designed to meet your specific requirements. Combine your creative ideas with our phenomenally detailed custom graphics, and you can build something truly unique.


Our happy clients say

Learning about the water cycle and labeling a worksheet is one thing, but when a student can physically build a model of what the water cycle looks like, it really sticks with them and makes their learning more impactful.
Daniel Holman
LEGO® Lab Instructor, Beaufort, South Carolina
Short haired woman with glasses on a gray background
Kids have so much fun creating with the themed baseplates. It really inspires their creativity. Our customers just love the variety of colors and themes available.
John Carter
Laura Coe, President & FounderSnapology, LLCFranchisor of the Snapology franchise system
Woman on a gray background
All of our students K-5 enjoy spending time in our LEGO room thanks to Slab Dream Lab! It provides both a creative and team building outlet for small groups and whole classes. Whether they are tackling STEM projects or challenging themselves, the interactive wall offers a huge canvas of possibilities. Thanks to your amazing staff for their design tips and purchasing advice.
Jessie Mougette
Learning Commons Ranch View Elementary

Partners and schools building with the base plate system

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