Slab Dream Lab Now Available at Walmart

We’re the ultimate baseplate system for brick creators of all ages! Our design’s all about strong grip and solid support, so your bricks and figs stay exactly where you put them. Plus, it’s a breeze to move, stash under the bed, or show off your creations when you’re done.

What Customer Say Baseplate Reviews

UPDATE: We continue to build out our project – as you can see – we love it! We received our amazingly packaged baseplates the other day. We were able to open them this morning and lay out our town. Truly impressive and everything we asked for. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team. Thank you so much. I’m truly blown away with your customer service! Just over the top. We couldn’t be happier.

M Cara

We got these new mosaic base plates from @slabdreamlab recently and it truly has inspired my children to a whole new brick world! They loved that the set included to them what looked like water, lava, grass and sand. They began creating a whole world filled with characters and it’s been a big hit making a permanent fixture of our living room coffee table.

Mahima Sarceno

Our SDL baseplates have been so much fun! You can attach the baseplates together to make a very large starting ground. We love the bright colors and big sizes allowing us to create anything Kai dream up. Our whole table is covered up in these!

Jen Marie Greer

Set The Stage
For Your Most Epic Productions


All of our custom plates are compatible with LEGO®, DUPLO®, Mega Construx and ZURU Max.


Lock in your creations with our interlocking system.


The thickest, most durable baseplates around means easy mobility, tightly gripping bricks every time.

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 Mosaic Baseplates

12” x 12” 4-Pack

  • Mosaic Baseplate set
  • 4 Baseplates included
  • Multicolor
  • Each 12” x 12”
  • Compatible with all major brick brands

City Streets Baseplates

10” x 10” 4-Pack

  • City Streets Baseplate set
  • 4 Baseplates included
  • Street pattern
  • Each 10” x 10”
  • Compatible with all major brick brands