Who we are?

It all started with a request for a large LEGO® table by then 9-year-old Matthew. After trips to the hardware store and a lot of hard work, the table was ready, except for the baseplates. After many trips to different toy stores to get enough, finally, the table was completed, but Lyle didn’t like the baseplates, there has to be a better base plate design.
The business that started in his basement has grown to supplying baseplates of all shapes and sizes, from 1 foot square to walls 30 feet long, in homes, schools, museums and businesses across the US and around the world. Slab Dream Lab is here to enhance the creativity of brick builders and provide a platform for all their building needs.

Sab dream lab-box

Building excitment

Why choose us?

Unleash limitless creativity with Slab Dream Lab – the ultimate baseplate system for builders. Boasting unmatched strength and grip, our plates keep structures secure, while vibrant colors and intricate custom graphics set the stage for epic designs. For educators, Slab transforms learning with interactive STEM lessons and large-scale map SLABS, turning classrooms into inspiring hubs of hands-on education. Whether you’re a design enthusiast or an educator, step into the world of SLAB Dream Lab, where innovation and limitless imagination come to life!