When you build on a SLAB, you build with a big imagination. The possibilities for creative expansion grow into incredible projects on the most rigid, compatible baseplate system for all types of brick building.

It all starts with our 12”×12” SLAB Lite – twice as thick as any other baseplate, with precision molded nodes and ridges for better grip and stability. Then, we go big. Our SLABs – 24”x 24” & 48”x24” – are backed with 3/16” MDF for incredible strength and rigidity.

For storage, mounting, display and more, our framing system brings multiple SLABs together, slides them in securely, and locks your creation in place on the wall. From one SLAB Lite, to the whole giant system, the possibilities match your wildest dreams.

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The Foundation
for Learning

Teacher sliding blue baseplate into black mounting frame

A Classroom to Dream About

Our education-themed SLAB baseplates provide the foundation for a different kind of lesson plan. From our large scale map SLABS, interactive STEM lessons, and fully custom graphics, SLABS help teachers and students engage in practical, active learning in classrooms all over the world.  

Paired with the custom framing system, the SLAB becomes the ultimate classroom tool. The SLAB frame mounts securely to the wall (or anywhere else you can think of) and SLABs slide in and out easily, then lock securely in place when the bell rings.

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Children playing with Slab Dream Lab Custom Printed USA Map baseplate
Slab Dream Lab custom printed baseplate which reads Start Something Big
Four children sitting in front of Slab Dream Lab custom printed USA map baseplate

The Portal
to Playtime

Magical Castles built with blocks in front of a slab baseplate mounted on the wall

Building Imagination

Because they’re thicker, stiffer and stronger than other baseplates, the whole SLAB baseplate system is the stepping stone to reach incredible heights. From our 12″x12″ SLAB Lite – thick, rigid and perfect for portable play, to enormous combos of multiple 48”x24” SLABS mounted and framed, the only limit is running out of bricks.

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Build as big as you can imagine. Ready to #StartSomethingBig?
Two girls playing with blocks, airplanes, and buildings on Slab Dream Lab custom printed baseplate
children playing with toy spaceship on a Slab dream lab custom printed Space and Planets baseplate

The Creative

Child in plaid shirt lying on gray roadway baseplate

Building Excitement Beyond the Playroom

Serious building is better with the SLAB. Thanks again to the incredible expandability of the SLAB system, the SLAB is the perfect base for art, design, building and displays. Combine your killer ideas with our phenomenally detailed custom graphics, and you can build something truly unique in your office, shop, game-room, or man-cave.

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Boy in helmet and girl in cowboy hat hold Custom printed Baseplate: Start Something Big
Brown, Grey, and Blue Slab Lite baseplates
Three Slab Dream Lab Custom Printed baseplates: BradleyWest; Start Something Big; and beyond the brick

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