Why a LEGO®* Compatible Slab Should be at the Core of Every Creation


LEGO®* Compatible Slabs: The Most Useful Educational Toy Accessory

LEGO® bricks are some of the most recognizable toy worldwide by people in all age groups. The little plastic building blocks have been favorites for generations now, were named “Toy of the Century” by two publications in 2000, and research continues to come out showing the benefits of kids playing with building blocks. The LEGO® Group has built on this existing fondness and embraced the educational benefits of their namesake brick as a stake to hold their ground in today’s vastly-different toy market. And in order to better compete with the rise of electronics, LEGO® has also pioneered a number of educational kits designed to teach coding and other more modern skillsets to tomorrow’s job seekers. As a result of these efforts, building blocks, especially LEGO® bricks, aren’t going anywhere; if anything, the LEGO® brand is only growing – and with enough room to spare for its competitors to grow alongside it.

With the demand and proven utility of LEGO® bricks growing, more people are realizing the importance of a solid foundation for their projects. Some may attempt to find cheap LEGO® compatible base plates online but only end up disappointed as the cheap sheets bend and warp and rapidly become useless. One such case of frustration led to a determined father taking on a DIY project to create a better base plate. The result was a thicker LEGO® compatible slab and the founding of Slab Dream Lab.

Slab Dream Lab has, since then, been on a mission to equip kids, parents, teachers, doctors, and anybody else with sturdier, more reliable LEGO® compatible slabs for whatever needs they may have. And everybody has different ideas for how to use their slabs – from LEGO® compatible walls to tables to a project for the Make-A-Wish Foundation; the only limits, just like with actual LEGO® bricks, are the imagination of the engineer.


The best LEGO® Compatible Baseplates come from Slab Dream Lab. Please Contact us with any questions.


Sturdy LEGO® Compatible Bases for Flexible Applications

In creating sturdier bases, Slab Dream Lab has made many projects easier. With such a quality product, the potential number of uses increase due to resiliency and flexibility of design. For example, LEGO® compatible slabs from Slab Dream Lab come in three default sizes, but they are designed to snap together to allow for customization, and still maintain a flat, smooth building surface when connected. Slab Dream Lab LEGO® compatible bases are also compatible with other brick types, such as Duplo and Mega Bloks, making them usable for spaces meant for smaller kids. All of this comes on a wide variety of colors and designs, with custom printings available.

With the universal popularity of LEGO® bricks and the flexibility of LEGO® compatible slabs, businesses, schools, and DIY project masterminds have all gotten in on making use of baseplates for a smorgasbord of unique creations. Businesses use them to display client logos or in break rooms as a social gathering place; schools and churches use them for educational purposes, reward systems, and more; and then there are the parents and grandparents who create building spaces for their children to allow their creativity to run wild. LEGO® bricks and compatible bases have even been used in some creations and activities to help children with physical therapy and to help others overcome social barriers.


A Schoolhouse Built With Large LEGO® Compatible Plates and Even Bigger Hearts

When a ten-year-old boy asked the Make A Wish Foundation for a space in which he could play and build with LEGO® bricks and Minecraft, Mark Yurkiw, a multi-talented man in Connecticut who is, in equal parts, an artist, designer, and physicist, got involved. And it wasn’t long before architecture student James Potter and engineering student Andrew Myers got involved. Together, the three of them designed what they termed as a “One-Room Schoolhouse for the 21st Century”.

The building was designed to be modular, easily duplicated, and scalable, in the hopes that other students might opt into helping other kids using their design. At 100-square-feet, the little schoolhouse is sizable, but assembles quickly and allows for plenty of space for its occupant.

It runs on solar power and includes a bed, a fan, LED lights, a 3D printer, and a 3D pen. Further, there are workspaces covered in large LEGO® compatible baseplates for crazy build sessions; the walls also have LEGO® compatible plating and are magnetic, to boot. Nearly the entire building is covered in LEGO® compatible slabs. Each link in this section is to a different article featuring different images of the build – feel free to visit each to admire the work of Yurkiw, Potter, and Myers; more importantly, share the links with any engineering or architecture students. Yurkiw hoped his idea would catch on with other students as projects they could undertake for themselves to help more kids and to help fund their own educations – both financially and experientially.

Moreover, Yurkiw stated that he is “inspired by 20-year-olds who inspire 10-year-olds”.

Find Your Own Success With LEGO® Compatible Slabs from Slab Dream Lab

Good, sturdy LEGO® compatible slabs can be used in any number of ways, and they will remain usable for years to come. And, as this article has illustrated, a LEGO® compatible base plate can find a place in pretty much any project, no matter how big or small – the only real limitation is that it needs to be a flat surface (LEGO® bricks will pop off of curved surfaces, thus the problem with the literal flexibility of thinner, cheaper sheets).

So, whether your project is for a custom conversation starter, a quirky passion project, an educational endeavor, or, as seen above, a house of hearts – LEGO® compatible base plates from Slab Dream Lab can help to pull them together and provide a good foundation for what really makes your project unique and successful: your creativity.

The best LEGO® Compatible Baseplates come from Slab Dream Lab. Please Contact us with any questions.