Mini Cobblestone Baseplate (24x24)

Suitable for builders of every size and age Slab Dream Lab baseplates are great for starting exciting adventure scenes that can be displayed or put away for later.

  • X-Large printed baseplate
  • Measures 24 x 24 inches and 152 x 76 studs
  • Use building plate to display and transport your creations
  • Combine with additional building plates for larger play area
  • Contains 1 Slab and does not include any figures or bricks

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This super Slab baseplate makes the perfect foundation for building anywhere; plush carpets, hardwood floors, tile floors or tables.

A sturdy base for your display and easy to transport, Slab Dream Lab baseplate is a cinch to push under the bed or move from room to room. Heavy-duty wood backing provides ultra stability.

Build an extreme scene or have room for two playing at once. The giant baseplate canvas has a stud count of 76x76 and measures 24" L x 24" W.

Unique interlocking edges fit flush with no gap. Add multiple Slabs to build even larger canvases, backgrounds and dream worlds for your favorite adventure brick set.

Lay it on the carpet or lay it across your bed, Slab Dream Lab brick building plates won't bend and won't pop off figs. Precision molded polystyrene construction conforms to all studs, figs, greebles or bricks.

Slab Dream Lab Slabs are compatible with LEGO®, LEGO® DUPLO®, MEGA BLOKS® and Brick.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Size 24" x 24"
Studs No
Color Printed Design
Pieces No
Stackable No
Backing No
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