I teach third grade in Georgia. My school purchased the U.S.A. Lego Map for my classroom this fall. In Social Studies, we have been studying mountain ranges, rivers, and explorers. I have outlined the rivers and mountain ranges on my map. As we’ve studied each explorer, we have outlined the routes they took across the Atlantic Ocean. This map has been a fantastic visual tool for my students. Even several weeks later they are able to look at the map and remember the names of rivers and what routes the European explorers took. Thank you, Slab Dream Lab, for such a great learning tool for my classroom!

Mandy Carroll (3rd Grade Teacher)
Vidalia, GA


Creative thinking is an empowering skill that helps students thrive throughout their education and beyond. Giving young minds the tools to express themselves and develop new ideas can help improve engagement in the classroom and build social connections in unique ways.

Our baseplates are more than a foundation for blocks, for many students they are the foundation for a captivating new way of learning. From innovative table surfaces, to wall mounted building surfaces, our baseplates have been incorporated into math, geography, art, and vocabulary in classrooms all over the world.

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