About Slab Dream Lab

We provide an expanded choice of premium baseplate Slabs in multiple sizes, colors and designs.

Expanding dream worlds for all ages.

Slab Dream Lab began early one Saturday morning while playing with my then 7-year-old son in our LEGO® filled basement.

Like any kid fan of LEGO® bricks, he had just built the most perfect creation. It was stupendous and he wanted to save it and show it off in his bedroom.

So we began to carefully pick it up to move. But due to it's designed flexibility, off popped a mini-fig, and another, and another — this had happened all too often before.

We needed a different kind of baseplate that worked for us.First home-built lego baseplate table

With that, I retreated to my workshop and there began the first prototype baseplate with a solid wood backing.

What began as a DIY table, grew into a transportable baseplate that is fun and inspiring for any LEGO® fan.

Skillfully Engineered Baseplates

Today, we provide premium baseplate Slabs that are better quality, thicker material, and larger sizes than the traditional baseplates.

Our tiles are engineered with ribs on the underside making our slabs strong enough to stand on without breaking.

With 3 sizes to choose from, Slab Dream Lab baseplate Slabs give you the building room you need with a strong foundation for durability.

Superfantastical Graphics

Along with traditional colors, we developed a unique way to apply realistic images on our building plate Slab.

Canyon baseplate

Lush jungle scenes, volcanic mountains, deep canyons, or faraway galaxies make your building world come to life like never before.

Connect multiple Slabs to build even larger canvases for movies and films. Or just make multiple worlds for your one-of-a-kind MOC.

Why stop at color, why not create an amazing cosmos or fantastical terrene.

The possibilities are endless.


To all of you, from all of us at Slab Dream Lab - Thank you and Happy Building!

Lyle Thompson